A awesome video giving you a visual perspective of a typical skater from multiple views on the skater and the board its self.

Really creative and well done in my eyes, also a bit to busy but cool never the less.

Music – Blackbird Blackbird “Pure”  |  Skateboarding – Aryeh Kraus  |  Created for Burn Energy Drinks

Watch it below.




A video just simply showing the heart and determination of the youngster Nyjah Huston @ 17years old and  already a skateboarding  veteran and legend in the making.

This cool little video simply shows why he is so successful and rated  one if not the best skater now days, NEVER GIVE UP  mentality!

a break done of the man him self: “At 17, Huston has already enjoyed a full career – including a comeback at the age of 16. The last year-and-a-half, Nyjah has dominated street skating’s most notable competition, Rob Dyrdek’s Street League, and there is no sign of him slowing down.

Nyjah started skating at the age of 5 and has been pushing the progression of street skating ever since winning his first major Skate competition at the age of 9. By the age of 11, Nyjah was the youngest X-games competitor at the time. Although Nyjah Huston is the instant favorite to win any competition he enters, his passion for skating can be found in blowing minds with tricks on some of the most dangerous stairs and handrails around the world. That reality is documented in “Rise and Shine” the latest Nyjah Huston skate video produced by long time sponsor, Element Skateboards”

Damn that one was hell of a fall!!!!

Hit play and show some support to this special skater!!!

The ‘Epicly Later’d’ series on Eric Koston

Here it is, folks, the ‘Epicly Later’d’ series on Eric Koston.

This is a great videos its an inside look at the personal history of the best, and most guarded, street skater of all time.

“The Eric Koston Epicly Later’d series is an inside look at the personal history of the best, and most guarded, street skater of all time. Although Eric has dominated skateboarding for the better part of 20 years, his story has never been fully told until now. Eric’s success is the product of hard work, and is a prime example of what one can achieve when they use their talent to the fullest. To tell Eric’s story we have interviewed top pro skaters like Sean Malto and Alex Olson, as well as Eric’s mentor, the legendary Eddie Elguera. Combine all this with lots of never-before-seen skate footage, and we have ourselves one of the best Epicly Later’d series ever”.

Its a gotta watch video. (i am having issue embedding the video, sorry)