A awesome video giving you a visual perspective of a typical skater from multiple views on the skater and the board its self.

Really creative and well done in my eyes, also a bit to busy but cool never the less.

Music – Blackbird Blackbird “Pure”  |  Skateboarding – Aryeh Kraus  |  Created for Burn Energy Drinks

Watch it below.



FISE 2012: BMX Park Final

This is one seriously awesome highlight video of the FISE 2012 BMX park final.

Some serious  trick were done in a seiously awesome Event.

Top 10:

1. BANASIEWICZ Brett                    2. CASEY Pat
3. MEYN Todd                                     4. SANDOVAL Daniel
5. WEBB Mark                                       6. WATTS Jack
7. SALAZAR Victor                            8.PEYTAVIT Jean-Baptiste
9. TAYLOR Ryan                                  10. SALYERS Glenn

Hit Play & take  look.