Retirement Plan

I came across this great super wide and stylish  video.

The film tells the tale of an International Intelligence Agency who initiates a unique “Retirement Plan” for their very own agents.

Tools used: Made entirely with After Effects CS5, by 

Takea  look Below.




I came across this crazy video of a american court appeal.

This guy seriously doe not give a damn about the law & justice system and especially the people in the court room.

“You’s a Maggot punk”

Note this is how NOT to act in a court room.

Take a look Below.


Another great track from white eyed rapper Hopsin.

I have really come to like hopsin and he’s style which is just raw and true.

He is nothing like the commercial rappers now days who mainly only rap about money, girls and drugs.

Hopsin spits about real life topics telling the truth and on top of that he’s always dissing commercial rappers because what they do and how they go about influencing the younger generation.

Hit Play & Take a look at the fifth installment of Ill Mind

EPIC- Animated Movie

EPIC- From the makers of Ice Age and Rio.

Another Animated movie but as far as they go this one looks pretty awesome, the computer generated graphics look great!

It takes place in a magical forest where battles between good and evil take place.

its only coming out next year but is definitely one to watch out for.

Take a look see!